Ryan Garcia

Renowned for his prowess in the boxing ring and a social media sensation, Ryan Garcia boasts an impressive 20-0 record with 17 knockouts, captivating fans with his lightning-fast hands as he ascends the lightweight rankings. However, the spotlight has recently shifted for all the wrong reasons due to a viral video.

Captured outside the upscale N10 restaurant in Los Angeles, the video features the 22-year-old Garcia sharing an intimate moment with a woman who, unfortunately, isn’t his current partner—currently carrying his child. The identified woman is Malu Ryan Garcia Trevejo, a social media influencer with over 8.5 million followers on Instagram and TikTok. The duo spotted dining with a group at the restaurant, stirred controversy as they engaged in close encounters.

Ryan Garcia

The video swiftly circulated on the internet, prompting a response from Garcia’s partner, Drea Celina, who expressed betrayal and disgust. Celina revealed that Ryan Garcia had misled her about his whereabouts, stating, “He tells me he’s training hard for this fight. But IG shows me this. 7 weeks left till I give birth, and this piece of s–t stays being disgusting. He barely even sees Rylie, his daughter with @catherinegamez. @Kingryang is a HORRIBLE PERSON.”

Already a father to Catherine Gamez and expecting his second child, Ryan Garcia finds himself entangled in more drama. Malu Trevejo, 18, offered her perspective, shedding light on Garcia’s actions.

“I met up with him because he was a very nice guy, he was very sweet,” she explained. “Yeah, he told me he had a kid, but he never told me that he was engaged and he never told me that he had another baby coming. But he’s a really nice dude, and I didn’t know that.

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“Let’s just not get into that. I just woke up and saw all this s–t. I did not know he was engaged, and I texted him and asked him why he didn’t tell me, and he said because they’re on and off.”

In response to the social media backlash, Garcia addressed the situation, stating, “Just clearing some things I’ve seen regarding Malu and Drea. Andrea and I weren’t engaged, but we were still trying to fix our relationship.

“Malu and I went there as friends, and we got caught up in the moment, but there isn’t anything there. I didn’t intend to hurt anyone. This is my personal life, and I’m not going to speak on this ever again,” he declared in a since-deleted post.

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