A social media sensation spills the beans on the realities of dating a Mormon—and as an admitted “rule-breaker,” it’s not all hymns and halos.

Cierra Mistt, a 28-year-old TikTok star with over 3 million followers, candidly shares her experience navigating a relationship with a man who is both Korean and a devoted Mormon. Hailing from Florida, she, an ostensibly secular white woman, wasn’t quite sure what to expect when love led her to Matt, now residing in Utah.

Despite her penchant for occasional indulgence, including “drinking, doing the dirty, and everything else a Mormon shouldn’t,” Cierra revealed that her boyfriend made the conscious choice to embrace their relationship, even with her labeled as a “sinner.”

The Mormon, or “LDS,” church strictly prohibits alcohol, smoking, stimulating drinks like tea and coffee, and other intoxicants—a fact that often leaves Cierra reflecting on her choices. Yet, against the odds, love prevails as she and her better half navigate the complexities of a relationship that defies conventional expectations set by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

As expected, Mormon premarital intimacy is off the table.

“I enjoy a drink, while he abstains,” she shared in a recent TikTok post. “You might be wondering how that’s a ‘pro.’”

Playfully, she and her friends embrace the label of “fully functioning alcoholics.”

“The assurance of having a designated driver whenever we dive into mischief is undoubtedly the best part,” she added.

While joking about the advantages of a standby chauffeur, Mistt doesn’t shy away from acknowledging the guilt accompanying her liberal liquid choices.

“Every time I reach for a White Claw from the fridge, there’s a constant inner judgment. Not from him, silly geese, but from me. Since meeting his sober self, my self-judgment has skyrocketed—even more when he reassures me he doesn’t judge. But I know he means it,” she confessed.

The duration of their relationship remains uncertain, but Mistt introduced her partner to her followers recently. The interfaith couple even made a trip to Florida, allowing Mistt to introduce him to her family.

Navigating the challenges of a multiethnic relationship has surprisingly been a positive experience for Mistt. “I never knew my love for Korean barbecue until now—I’m obsessed,” she revealed. “And whenever he visits and senses my perpetual hunger (which is all the time), he brings over whatever his mom cooked for dinner that night—and let me tell you, it’s delicious.”

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However, there remains one multicultural culinary hurdle she’s still tackling: chopsticks.

According to Mistt, “When I travel abroad or dine at an Asian restaurant, I’m aware there might be judgment, but they usually provide a fork. And if not, there’s usually some kiddie chopsticks I can manage.”

“Honestly, I think this might be my boyfriend’s most significant pet peeve about me too,” she admitted.

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